How does one really start a blog?

        Ready.. Set.. Go?

I dunno to be honest.
What I do know is that I love to write,
so why not share a little bit of me with a lot of you?

I like to set small goals. Random? yes!
Butttt it works! Why am I telling you this?
Well, because, setting small goals helps me
and most certainly a lot of you with getting things done.
My goal for this blog is to write as often as I can and to share as much as I can.

For this first entry I share small gestures of kindness & love.
I woke this morning to discover a
present that had been left for me
by my cousin as a belated birthday gift
I opened it slowly (she wrapped it in beautiful silver wrapping paper)
to discover that she had made me a book of our trip together to
Barcelona in the summer of 2012.
A summer I will never forget.

This gift truly made my day. Not because I received a gift (obvious) but,
because this gift took time, thought and love.

We often (myself included) forget to take time
to do things for others, especially those we love most
This morning I was reminded that a) I am extremely blessed &
b) that I too can share my love w/ those I love through a small gesture.

Pay it forward and have an amazing day!


Karen Michelle//.

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