I started this blog like I start most things in my life;
a fire is started under my feet and I just jump
in excitement to make the most of most given opportunities.
This energy ran through me (as it does on most days)
as the idea of writing developed in my mind like a storm,
but my commitment and excitment was diverted from
writing here to making the most of my summer.
I now write happily knowing that although I didn’t write as often as I had endeavored to,
I lived and experienced things in many more ways than I had imagined possible.

Every summer we all make mental check lists of the things we hope to do
and come fall we all wonder where the time went.
This summer I made a promise to myself that I would do everything that I wanted to do, whether alone or with company and I am content to share that I have done most of things that I had in my mental check list and a few things that were unplanned but amazing.

Having shared this,
I have decided to change my direction for this blog.
I have fallen in love with fashion but not like this typical “omg I love fashion” love.
No, I mean this “I appreciate fashion, clothes and its creators” love.
So, it is my hope that I can share that love in combination with my writing to express the way I view life and hope that through it I can ignite a fire that will get you up and excited about the things you love.


A new love of mine-
Chanel’s Fall 2104 Couture Line.
You know Chanel when you see it and what I love about this collection is
a) the whites and cream colours (I am obsessed with white) and
b) how there is so much going on in terms of texture and detail but is still so very feminine. It reminds me of what a Royal might wear.

It is beautiful. This is one of my favourites.

Karen Michelle//.


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