Anything that makes me feel better – stronger – happier;
this is my way of living.
So, of course I said yes to Francesco (my boss) and Sara
when she suggested that I join them today at RocketCycle this morning
(at St.Clair and Christie) for Dana’s 9:30 am class.
I was excited as I have done many spin classes
but I was not expecting what was to come…



       This class was full!!! That I was expecting.
What I wasn’t expecting was to be dripping in sweat in the first 10 minutes.
It was not because I had low expectations but
because it has been my experience that I have worked up a sweat in
most of my spin classes but never as profusely as in this mornings class lead by Dana.
She was engaging, energetic, happy, and was with us every minute of the ride! She was riding with us and when she wasn’t she was dancing so intensely that you felt nothing but energy!!!

               15 minutes into it I looked to my left and said to Sara ” I loveeee her!!” and Sara (knowing me so well) responded saying “I knew you would”
I have never had an instructor with so much energy and life;
she gave me energy even when I felt like I couldn’t keep up!
I have been active all my life and I didn’t want to be the one to sit down while Sara and Francesco went strong along with the rest of the class and Dana kept me with her from beginning to end.

Rocket Cycle Spin Class

We cooled down with a few stretches –
I left the class and was still sweating like crazy!!!
Dana is the best Spin instructor I have met thus far and
I cannot wait to continue taking her classes.

            If you are looking for change, challenge and growth you absolutely need to visit RocketCycle.
Today Dana asked that we do something for someone else and
(as she said) “not put our name on it”.
She is nothing short of inspiring and so I encourage you to do the same!
Do something for someone else and enjoy your day!

Happy Monday !!!

Karen Michelle//.

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