A few days ago I did something I never thought I would do…

I’ve always wanted to do this but somehow never took the chance.
This past Sunday however that changed when my friend Sara made sure that I followed through.I auditioned to sing the national anthem at a Maple Leaf hockey game!!!

It was my expectation that I would be nervous from the moment I opened my eyes to the last breath of singing buttttt surprisingly and,
to my relief I was more excited than anything.

Pictures obviously speak a thousand words
so here are a few to illustrate the moments of this day.Maple leafs Maple Leafs2Maple Leafs3

I am sharing a little but of myself with you because…
like fashion and anything you have a passion for… there must be risk

You have to take chances and risk being vulnerable.
The outcome I assure you is even more satisfactory than any fear you could possibly feel.

So… be brave, be fearless and be YOU!!!

Karen Michelle

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