I have the same problem that most girls have…
Too much clothing and not enough space.
I often am excited about my clothing but lately this excitement is later followed by annoyance…

I can’t put my clothes back where they belong because I simply have a lot – andddd seeing how I really don’t believe I have a lot
(I mean yes I may own many articles but if I use them than..just enough :D)
That being said…
I have realized that I needed to change my closet –

So I did and with it, the rest of my bedroom. I took everything out –
and decided that I could re- design my bedroom
in a way that could be more functional

This is a before and after of the painting
(that I can proudly say I did myself)



I went from a dark red (too much)
to a much calmer and beautiful grey blue (just enough)
and because I am lucky enough to have not one
but two big beautiful windows,
the room transforms with natural sunlight.

I am in love with my bedroom and I can’t wait to finish it!

So, it is time for a re-fresh in more ways than one.

Karen Michelle//.

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