I have a cold…
Gross I know.
I’ve been trying to fight it off for the past two days
and woke up feeling a little better than yesterday
so I opted to be warm by layering
– voilà!






      Although I was feeling better this morning,
turns out this cold has turned into a throat infection … 🙁
not fun

I hope you all had an amazing Wednesday though –
& before you catch a cold like me,
prevent it by making sure you are eating and sleeping well
(something I have not been doing)

Vitamin C is key- if you’re not a fan of OJ (I personally am not)
there is tonssss of Vitamin C in Grapefruits which I happen to love as well as in lemons (so fill your water bottles with a few slices)

Off to bed I go!

Boots : ZIGOsoho
Dress: Calvin Klein
Sweater : H&M
Beanie: Aritzia
Jacket : Italy (Florence Market)

(Photos edited with VSCOcam)

Karen Michelle//.

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