I woke up a different person…
Ok not literally but I felt like a new person when I woke up.
The sunshine was fighting its way through my shutters
until I opened them to be welcome by the most beautiful day.
This of course lifted my spirits – the sun always leave me happy and rejuvenated.

I decided that I would feel better because I wanted to make the most of today so I got dressed and decided that I needed to wear this jacket;
I have not worn it in yearssss – actually.
I bought it in Portugal so long ago-
So, today was the day to wear this jacket and it was my statement piece –
which definitely makes a statement!








After getting dressed
I headed to the doctor who confirmed what I already knew:
I have a throat infection – ugh

I got the medication I needed and am happy to say
that I am already feeling better! Yay! 😀

I hope you all had a fantastic day!

Boots: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shirt: Tacera
Jacket: Portugal

Photos Edited with VSCOcam

Karen  Michelle//.

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