It’s not often that I fall in love with a dog.
I am and always have been a cat lover;
I have a cat named Tinkerbell who is legit my everything.
This past weekend however, I fell in love with a puppy named Brooklyn




She belonged to my cousins boyfriend and while spending two days with my family and Brooklyn I was told that he might not keep her; this broke my heart to heart.
My cousin told me that if they could not find her a new owner they would have to give her to a shelter – which got me thinking…
Everyday animals are born and more often than I’d like to think about they are neglected and abused… Having met Brooklyn made me think about where she would end up and how she would be treated

I wouldn’t post this if It didn’t matter and it does; if you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider a shelter before going to a breeder or even a pet store.
There are so many amazing, deserving animals out there in need of loving homes.

Brooklyn was given a new home today to an amazing couple who had recently had their puppy pass away.
I was so happy to hear that she was going to be in the right hands.
I am sad that I won’t see her again but happy that she now has a forever home.

Karen Michelle//.

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