Today was one of those days where
you wake up and want nothing more than an amazing loose white t-
a pair of great sport leggings &
for the rest of the day to follow as simply.
So, that’s exactly what I threw on.
Except, I added a few extras.
I added a sporty jacket to accompany these two pieces
+ it is fall so it’s not so warm anymore *ugh
I slipped on my black slip ons &
put on this amazing Givenchy fuchsia lipstick,
grabbed my bag, put on one of my favourite bangles and was ready to go!






IMG_7512.JPGThey had called for rain so instead of trying to tame my hair
I put it up in a bun which felt nice;
no hair in my face!

I had an amazing day, it turned out better than I expected
Hope you all had a great day as well!

Shoes: DL
Leggings: MPG
TShirt: Wilfred
Jacket: H&M
Bangle: Pinktown

Karen Michelle//.

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