I finally get to write about what was one of the best experiences I have had in the fashion world!!!
What I am talking about is this years Toronto Fashion Week (WMCFW)
where I was able to volunteer and worked backstage doing anything and everything.
Monday and Tuesday I helped unwrap, unpack and set up.
From Wednesday to Saturday I got to do (what was for me) the BEST part!
I dressed models for their shows…. Are you picturing this?
Backstage, with some of the BEST Canadian designers and models?
I tried imagining what this entailed
but nothing prepares you for something
quite like actually having to do it
and what’s more is that after having done one show
I was thrilled and even more excited for the shows to come.
I was able to meet and help Nikki Wirthensohn, the designer of NARCES.
Her collection of evening and special ocassion wear was beyond stunning!!!
As well I dressed for Rachel Sin, Mackage, Hayley Elsaesser, Caitlin Power, & Rudsak
to name a few – all of these collections were unbelievable!!!

I did NOT know what to expect but what I did know was that I was excited and ready!





















As I reflect on last weeks events, all that comes to me is excitement!
I had to do work (it’s not all glamour as some may think)
however, It was (for me) exciting to be a part of the whole thing.
Being backstage I was able to see a side that many don’t
and for that I was and am grateful.

Dressing the models was of course the highlight of my week for many reasons
To make a long week short (long story short…? Get it?.. lol)
I was able to unpack, see, organize, and then dress models
in some of the most aniticipated collections to hit the runway!
I was in love with literally almost every collection because
a) they were STUNNING
b) because of the work and quality of each piece and
c) because these collections were made by extremely talented designers!

I have always loved clothing and all things fashion related
but having had the opportunity to volunteer at one of
the most anticipated fashion events in Toronto
has confirmed my want to be a part of the fashion world in some way.
So, my advice to those who read this
whatever you love – do it!
“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”

(All photos are mine and my property)

Karen Michelle//.

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