Do you ever fall asleep making a mental check list of
all the things you need to get done the following day?
I do, and surprisingly it works! It
a) helps me plan my day (I like to get a lot done …or at least try)
and b) helps me fall asleep 😀 *winning lol
I fell asleep last night reminding myself that today was dedicated to
coffee (first on the list and a must for the day I had planned)
clothes and work!
I wanted to be comfortable;
I knew I would be on campus all day so this outfit is perfect for getting work done
while being comfy and cute!




IMG_9465.JPGI am currently taking a break from the paper I am writing
I am on campus- thinking about dinner which I have not yet had
because I want to finish this paper! ughhh
Sounds crazy I know but once you get into a rhythm
you don’t want to break it; my current dilemma –
to eat or not to eat.

Boots: Zara
Pants: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Leather jacket: Florence
Necklace and Bangle: PINK

Karen Michelle//.

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