What days come to mind when you’re asked to pick your top three favourite days of the year?
Does your list include Halloween ?
Mine does!
I have always loved to dress up –
I mean you can be ANYONE for a day!
ANDDD I love making or editing my costume!
You have so much room for creativity as well as originality!

For the past 4 years (excluding this year)
my girlfriends and I have had a theme;
one year we were care bears and we made custom costumes!!!

This year we were all busy and I literally had no time to think about Halloween –
much less to make a costume.
Soooo I asked one of my girlfriends to borrow her costume-
which I loveeeeed!
The corset was unbelievable and extremely well made!
The fabric, the bones and the shape were perfect!

Moulin Rouge Burlesque Dancer <3






 Everything was glow in the dark
which added to the whole haunted feel +
I noticed that the theme for most people was death and skeletons
so Halloween this year was a eerie!
My costume stood out amongst ‘the dead’
and of course the colour red makes its own statement!
Playing dress up is so much fun!
Hope you all had an amazing Halloween !

Karen Michelle//.

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