Miroslava Duma…

My InStyle magazines offered me polished, editorial perfection.
However, I wanted more.
I wanted street style, I wanted bloggers & I wanted something that was within reach…
In 2009 I found what I was in search of via endless hours on fashion websites.
I was beginning to see the same face over and over again…
who was this woman?
I had to know who she was (I love(d) her style)!

This was when I discovered that this petite woman with the Dopest (yes- DOPE-EST) style
was the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia
So today’s post is dedicated to a woman I have been admiring for 5 years and counting;
a woman I consider a style icon.

google.gr950a4517787c65c5655b74292efdc60fhercampus.comMiroslava Duma at Missoninymag.comstylespotting.com_Miroslava_Duma_copyright_2012_Jerri_Howell-1-1-2fabsugar.com

The first two images of Mira (as she is often referred as)
are the ones that I recall seeing five years ago…
The images of a woman whose style immediately seized my attention.
Wearing the most coveted clothing, she styles herself in ways
that many (over 966 thousand followers on Instagram) admire!

This woman has since then been making movements
that one can attribute to her passion, dedication and love of fashion and life.
Today she is the founder of BURO24/7
alongside co-owner Salama Alabbar
Buro 24/7 is a website dedicated to covering events worldwide in fashion, arts and much more.

She is conquering the world one (or a few) outfits at a time!
Miroslava Duma is today’s style icon

(all images retrieved from Pinterest.com)

Karen Michelle//.

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