I could eat 2 boxes of tangerines…
I could drink 8 glasses of water a day
and have my smoothies with chia and berries
& wash my hands every hour
and still…
I manage to get sick

A few weeks ago I felt a throat infection coming on…
I was not sleeping well, I was stressed and my body was shutting down
Believe it or not, my mother (mom’s ALWAYS know best)
told me to take a nap…

That did the trick!

I wanted to be safe rather than sorry so
I went to visit a friend of mine a few days ago
who recently opened her own
cold pressed juice bar.

Situated in the junction, Jessica made her vision a reality.
Her interest in health, well being and of course pretty things
translated perfectly at her JUICE BAR.
Immediately you are drawn to the sign in the most amazing blue.
No matter what the weather, the sign immediately
makes you happy!

I walked in and told her I needed her help
The first thing she asked me was “what are you eating”
a perfect question; what we eat matters!
In between trying to help me, we caught up as women do
but I told her as I am telling you, I always get sick

I wanted a cleanse and a smoothie to give me an immune boost
and Jessica knew so much! She made me a delicious smoothie
and believe me, I am PICKYYYYY with my smoothies
She also gave me a few things
to look for at health food stores to add
to my own home made smoothies…
She really is The Raw Chemist!





IMG_2727.JPG I got the Detoxify-U juice
which has parsley, fennel, cucumber,
spinach, apple, and lemon – It detoxifies, energizes,
helps digestion and boosts the immune-
Literally everything I wanted in one juice

Jessica wanted to make sure my system got the boost it needed
so we added some boosters
and they didn’t alter the flavour of the smoothie at all!
I was a really happy girl who got a dose of
what I needed!

If you have not been, or seen this incredible Juice Bar
drop what you’re doing…
Ok… maybe wait until the morning (lol) but GO and pay
The Raw Chemist a visit!
I promise you will be happy you did!!!

The Raw Chemist JUICE BAR
Located at 2984 Dundas St. West

Tell Jessica Karen Michelle sent you 😀

Karen Michelle//.

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