My hair was wild, curls everywhere, untamed… my favourite
I was in the mood for this black buttoned up dress shirt that
I’ve owned for what feels like my whole life;
this was my third time wearing it… I know.
How could I only have worn this THREE times?!

For this day however, I wore it the way it was meant to be worn.
Juxtaposed with my wild hair and distressed jeans this
dress shirt made it mark with its clean lines and perfect fit.

What I love most about this shirt is its collar
and the way it buttons up perfectly to my neck.
It fits perfectly and when buttoned up all the way,
I am not left choked.

Buttoned Up\

Buttoned Up 2

Buttoned Up 3

I threw on my sunnies (which I loveeee)
grabbed my fringe bag and ran errands all day.

Growing up I was always told, “less is more”
and this shirt reminded me of that.

Less is for me, always more.

Shirt: Costa Blanca (Closing)
Jeans: Zara
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Pacific Mall

Karen Michelle//.

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