I love men’s clothing.
I love men who demonstrate an interest in what they put on their
back and more importantly,
their feet (because shoes MATTER)

I have for a while now, been in love
with Kanye West’s style.
A man that exudes what some may call effortlessness,
he shows us that what he wears, matters.

Kanye has made it a point to let the world know that
he is a visionary.
His rants may (to some) be ridiculous but, when you
‘read between the lines’ you understand that this man has a point.
He has been true to his style since his College Dropout album
and has since evolved flawlessly.
This rapper turned designer has us all
paying closer attention.

He is today’s Style Icon and below you will see why2e9daabafdc69f9288bc69429a6e4438





His influence is undeniable and his taste and interest to
be the best leaves us feeling like we should all
be trying just a little harder.

All I can think of (and secretly want) are his red
Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneakers.
This man has revolutionized sneakers…
because he understands that shoes (as I had mentioned above)

Whether being polished in his Balmain blazers
or edgy in his layered shirts topped off with
perfectly structured coats,
I literally love it all.

Kanye West- Today’s Style Icon

Karen Michelle//.

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