My favourite day of the week!

Today is all the better because the weather is finally
not minus thirty where
the thought of having to venture outside makes us cringe!
No cringe. No layering.
Only happiness to go out into bearable weather attired in
appropriate (because it is still winter and It’s cold) but still fashionable outfits.

I, for whatever reason (I’m lucky) never get cold in my legs.
My hands and feet? Forever cold!
So I knew that this dress would be prefect for today.

I found it a couple of days ago while at Zara
(where they are currently having the best sale)
I must have had like 13 different things to try on
and this little black dress was a winner!

Of course, I had to wear it and was complimented
at my go to spot (Baker and Scone) this morning.

Let me now show you!FullSizeRender-49






I have always loved mesh and recently
it has become a staple in brands like Nike and Alexander Wang;
a look I definitely have incorporated into my wardrobe.
So, it only made sense that I bought this dress.

Zara is my go to for many reasons and this dress
proves why.
The quality, the shape and the design of this dress
is amazing!
The bottom half if everything- the slits, the mesh
and the length is perfect for my 5″2 frame!

So perfect weather, perfect day, and perfect dress-
this was today’s outfit of the day.

Dress: Zara
Booties: Zara

Karen Michelle//.

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