One of my first experiences with any large fashion related event
started with TOM (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) in 2014.
This fashion week was the 8th in the world and
it’s first in Toronto.

 TOM, TORONTO MEN'S FASHION WEEK - Toronto Men's Fashion Week

I was new to the fashion world
but I knew one thing:
My deep rooted love for menswear

I have always been and still continue to be a
tomboy at heart.
Yes, I love love love beautiful couture
Giambattista Valli gowns,
true to my nature (extremist)
I go from couture to extremely simple and clean lines
and men’s fashion is where I see this and love it most!

This year I will again have the pleasure to
be a part of TOM and I am very excited!!!

Last year was a big deal for many reasons
and this year will be no different.
I am most excited for HD HOMME.
I love his tailored James Bond-Esque suits
that every man should consider introducing to their wardrobes.
The colours are UNREAL!!!

If you love mens fashion,
I suggest you go to TOM
and buy yourself tickets before they all go!
And if you’re there and see me,
please come say hello 😀

Karen Michelle //.

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