I have been waiting, eagerly, impatiently
for this day,
for many days,
like today!

Spring is finally in the air!
The sun is out, resilient and
refusing to hold back
So, like the sun, the driving force
behind a lot of my productivity
I too refuse to hold back!
This is what I am wearing today!







Although the sun was out in a cloudless sky,
it was still a little chilly… like + 1 so I had to
dress accordingly.

I knew that I wanted needed
to wear these red pants.
So, to add a little more “umph”
because I wanted a whole LOT of it today,
I added this jacket from Juicy Couture that
I absolutely LOVE to finish off my
“Hello Spring!” outfit.

Are you as excited as I am for warmer,
sunnier days?

Let me know! 😀

Loafers: Aldo
Jeans: Guess
T-Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Juicy Couture 
Necklace: Custom

Karen Michelle//.

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