I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders…

Pun fully Intended. 😀

A weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders
and it is all thanks to the 8 degree weather and
the ever needed sunshine in a cloudless sky
that has graced us today allowing for
what is to me, the best: less bulky clothing!

Mother nature knows what’s up
because it’s also a short week-
Beautiful weather to start our long weekend off right!

So today this is what I am wearing: A light grey dress and with it my
favourite jean jacket and over top a leather jacket
finished with these super cool sunnies







I ran all my errands this morning
with my windows down and the music up;
the radio was playing the best old school music ever!
Can you visualize this?
I got some much done with a permanent
smile on my face.

So happy is an understatement for how I felt
this morning and still this afternoon
I feel like I’m on a mini high; crazy what
good weather can do for you.

If you’re in Toronto and experienced this
euphoria- Cheers and Happy Thursday!

Karen Michelle//.

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