Im not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this…
but I am an extremist!

I don’t have in betweens.
I either love or hate things
and therefore give my all to anything I love

This is why It has been SO long since I have written!
It was exam season, I was interning, working
and in between volunteering and trying to have fun!
I literally had many things on the go and
was completely committed to each one- hence my absense

I have literally been trying to do all that I’ve ever
wanted and it has kept me away from this but I am back!
Here are a few pics of what I have worn in the past month
that I was regretfully not able to show you as I wore them.
However, here they are now!









I have been happier than I can remember;
I finished exams, I celebrated my birthday
with 13 of my closest girlfriends,
I got a new job and summer is finally here!!!

It was a busy April, but it was Amazing!

Looking forward to this summer
and all the new and exciting things I get to share with you!

Happy Friday!!!

Karen Michelle//.

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