Growing up an only child and the only girl for a while,
I was given a lot of love and attention.
My father and godfather had a camera glued to their
hands and the attention was given to capturing every moment of my
life since the day I was born.

A few weeks ago I was looking through old photos
and said to my mom
“The love you have for me is so palpable in these photos…
It’s crazy how much I feel when I look at these”
Every smile, every laugh, every cry was made permanent
through those photos.
How lucky am I?

I look at them and
know love because of her

Today, like Sunday is Mother’s Day.
And today I want my mom to know
that like the photos, every thing she has done
has been and forever will be ingrained in my
mind and heart, permanently.

Mom, I know patience because of you; you stayed by
my side on endless trips to the hospital
and never once complained.
I know strength because in every trial and difficulty that arose
you showed me that your will exceeded your fear.
I know integrity because you never did what was easy,
but rather what was right.
I know kindness because you remind me daily
that it is better to be nice than angry and that
everyone is fighting their own battle.
I know generosity because you gave and still continue to
give me and everyone you love,
everything without a second of hesitation.
I know commitment because you taught me
that staying true to your word is what makes you.
I know humility because everyday you do things for others
without needing praise.
I know selflessness (and sometimes wish I knew more)
because you ALWAYS put others before yourself.
I know happiness because you always made sure to
show me how to find the silver lining.
I know the importance of being happy because you teach me
“not to sweat the small stuff”
I know how to be silly and happy and appreciate
every single thing because your
love of life is contagious.

You are my hero and I want you to know
that I am the woman I am today because of you.
Happy Mother’s Day today and every day.
I love you.

-karen michelle//.

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