Last summer going through my closet I counted over 80 dresses.
Yes. I kid you not. 80 dresses.
I redid my whole room and it started with
a closet cleanup; One I most definitely needed.

Of this clean up, I threw away MANY dresses.
But this one, that I’ve only worn three or four times, stayed;
I love it dearly.

When I bought it, it was way longer and weird at the top.
I got it hemmed and the top part cut. Side note: I now alter and hem
dresses to fit my body and it makes such a difference!
Something I definitely recommend.

So this is what I wore





Of course I had my much needed coffee in hand
(from my favourite, Baker and Scone)
and my favourite backpack that is all fringe
paired with my white creative recs
I bought in Portugal 5 years ago.

With the weather getting better and warming up
I will pull out my other dresses and show you
what’s left of the once 80.

Looking forward to warmer days

Karen Michelle//.

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