It’s true when they say that “time flies when you’re having fun”

I had a much needed dinner over a week ago
with one of my friends who is honestly like a sister
and what felt like 5 minutes turned
into a three hour dinner.

We talked about a LOT. She reminded me (as a good friend does)
that I’ve come a long way.
After thinking about that conversation
I realize that I may have come a long way but
this is only my beginning.

Pardon my sappiness but this is the mood I’m in.
I injured my knee so I have A LOT of time to think.
Hence, the sappiness.
C’est La Vie!

Anyways, I have always been, as my mother nicely puts it,
a “late bloomer”
and this has been true in many aspects of my life.
I never took the conventional route, I never did what
was expected and in some ways,
in many ways, it paid off.

I spent some time at one of my favourite spots
thinking about “what’s next”




Although I don’t currently have an answer
I know that this is only my beginning.

Like the first post I ever wrote where I told you that I love
to make small goals, today the same stands.
I’ve accomplished a lot but I have (today and always)
had my sight on bigger things.
Today my goals are bigger and I have so much more
to accomplish.
So many new boxes to check and I am excited.

So while I may have come a long way,
I am excited for today, tomorrow
and what’s to come.

Every morning and every day is the opportunity
to start all over again.
Whatever goals you have, whether big or small
get them done!!!

Happy Friday!
and have an amazing weekend!

Karen Michelle//.

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