How can you stand out when you do what everyone else
is doing or what everyone around you expects you to do?

I have never been (at least I don’t think) a follower.
I like what I like and as an only child with energy for 5 people,
I have always done things my way.

Yesterday I was annoyed.
Insignificant as it may sound, I felt like I have
often been overlooked because I do things differently.
And truth be told, I wouldn’t change myself
for the world but so often I feel like if I don’t conform,
i’ll be left behind…

I was at work and expressed my feelings to a
customer who I consider a friend; someone who has known
me for over 8 years.
She told me, “don’t ever change for anyone”
and as cliche that may be,
She’s right!
People remember me as the bubbly, happy,
energetic girl who finds happiness in the smallest
of things. She reminded me that I should never
let anyone undermine my confidence. No. Matter. What.

So today, this post is for anyone and everyone
who has ever felt this way.
How others treat you is a reflection of them. Not You.
Be happy, follow your heart and stay true to you!
I want to be remembered for who I really am
not for who I’m pretending to be!

“I’m Not Going Your Way”

Happy Friday and I hope you all have an
amazing weekend

P.s for those of you in Toronto,
It’s Salsa on St.Clair Tomorrow and Sunday
so come get your salsa on!!!

Karen Michelle//.

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