There is something very ethereal yet edgy about Sienna Miller
who first came on my radar in 2004 in the movie Alfie.
Always having a love of effortless style,
Sienna Miller caught my attention immediately.

She is today’s style icon and someone who I think deserves
more attention for her ability to be a total
knock-out in everything she wears







Her boho-chic style carries through in all that she wears
whether she’s dressing for an award ceremony
or casually strolling the streets of London

She brings an edge to all things pretty and
does this with her style and her goddess like tresses.
Her blonde locks whether long or short in a pixie
cut are always on point further highlighting that she
is always so beautifully and effortlessly put together.

She’s a total babe and today she’s my style icon

Karen Michelle//.

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