My favourite day of the week;
I’ve been waiting patiently for its arrival.
At 8:30 this morning, I was at my favourite coffee place
Boxcar Social drinking my usual, large almond milk latte
and lucky for me, I had the whole patio to myself!
p.s if you have not been there, you have to check it out!


I am usually an early bird and happily so.
It’s Sunday and while everyone was still asleep or slowly
waking up, I was enjoying the most delicious coffee
in what felt like a back patio that reminded me of a place
I visited in Paris. I love Sunday mornings.

After coffee, I headed north to my god fathers farm for his
surprise birthday party.


I have not been up here in a long time but I am
so super excited to finally be here because
a) there are about 30 family members
I have not seen in a long time and
b) because I just spent my afternoon
ATV’ing through 100 acres of land,
eating the most delicious foods, playing with my baby cousins
and of course spending time with the man of the day.


ICYDK (in case you didn’t know)
I am secretly a farm girl at heart;
I grew up camping and on family farms
picking fresh eggs out of the chicken coups
my whole life- this is like second nature and
to be able to leave the city to come here
and spend time with my crazy but amazing family
makes me extremely happy.


Back to ATV’ing I go!

Follow along on my Snapchat to join me
on today’s fun! Snap= karen.michellee

Happy Sunday!

-Karen Michelle//.


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