Yesterday was a complete write off for me.
I was not feeling well at all and basically
stayed in all day doing absolutely nothing.

I tried convincing myself to get up
and get out but I literally could not.
My body ached, my head hurt and I succumbed
to the pain I was feeling.

Today however, is a brand new day;
I am rested and feeling much better!
There’s a chill in the air
but I have to admit, I love it


Not giving in, yet, to wearing all black
I threw on this ensemble
(white and denim- one of my favourite and go-to combos)
and ordered myself
a large (almond milk) latte from my fave
(Boxcar Social)


It’s amazing what the sun can do, so I sat in the back
and read and wrote; the time to unwind is so
crucial and Sunday is my day to do this-
with the sun on my face and coffee in hand,
the start to this day has been amazing.

Im off to enjoy this weather.

Happy Sunday!

-Karen Michelle//.

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