I am in the home stretch of my undergrad
at the University of Toronto
and I cannot tell you how excited I will be
once my last exam is done
(less than two months!!!)
This weekend is dedicated to reading and writing
while simultaneously
fighting a throat infection that crept up on me yesterday.

I’ve been reading and taking notes all morning
which one can only do so long before
what you’re reading no longer starts making any sense.

So, I took a study break to get some fresh air
and clear my mind of more than the school work I have dedicated this weekend to.




Not to put a damper on anyones day
but with all that has been happening
around the world, I just want to say that…

We should lead by example instead of taking it upon ourselves
to point, blame and create a larger division
of separation that is tearing this world apart.
We should teach our friends, family and strangers
to have compassion, to be kind to those we may not align with
and try to the best of our abilities to understand.

We decide how we act. We have a choice.
Chose better.

-karen michelle//.

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