Karen Michelle

I choose. 

My lessons this year have come
in what feels like a rubix cube;
a seemingly never ending, tedious, time consuming challenge
whose outcome of success is based solely on choosing not to give up. 

Karen Michelle

Karen Michelle

This past year I chose not to give up.
I had really high highs and like you, really low low’s.
I wanted to give up, many times;
do what was easier,
but easier didn’t always mean I would be happier,
so I pushed.

Karen Michelle

Karen Michelle

With a new year a day way, I choose to do what I have always done.
Push a little more fervently.

The only way to be better is to BE better.

Do what makes YOU happy.
Push the envelope.
Ask the questions you are scared to ask.
Go places you have never been.
Be honest.
Be kind.
Stand up for yourself.
Do not give yourself to anyone who does not appreciate you,
and do not be sorry for other peoples mistakes.
When you are no longer getting what you want, leave.

Love those who love you.
Smile and most importantly,
never give up.

Like Bey said,
“Ima keep running cuz a winner don’t quit on themselves”.

To an amazing 2017.

Wishing you all success, love
& happiness.

Karen Michelle//.

Outfit details: Shoes: Aldo, Jeans: (similar) Zara, Tank: BCBG, Blazer: Zumel and Co

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