Karen Michelle - Black & Blue


In case you haven’t noticed (here and here)
I have an obsession with denim
and most recently, these vegan leather pants.

I can’t help but think of the FRIENDS episode
when Ross buys leather pants and wears them on a date.
(remember that episode? Hilarious!)
The date inevitably turns bad when he retreats to the bathroom to cool off
(from the heat of the leather pants)
and can’t get his pants back up.
His solution? powder and lotion … ummmmm?

Karen Michelle - Black & Blue

Karen Michelle - Black & Blue

Thankfully that is not the case here!
These Artizia Daria Pants are made
of an innovative vegan leather making them
a) so super comfortable &
b) easy to wear & move in

My legs stay powder-less and I can move easily
(without the squeak)

Karen Michelle - Black & Blue

Besides being squeak-less,
these pants can be worn a million and one ways;
Dress them up with thigh highs (like these)
or for a more casual look, white low converse (like these)


[Jean Jacket: Stradivarius , T shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Aritzia, Boots: Steve Madden ]



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