Very Cozy-Ovo Sweater and Jordans- KarenMichelle

Taking a page from my younger years,
I reach for what is most comfortable:
the cozy stuff- a big hoodie, comfy jeans and Jordans.

Very Cozy-Ovo Sweater and Jordans- KarenMichelle

Very Cozy-Ovo Sweater and Jordans- KarenMichelle

And TBH sometimes I just feel better dressed down (don’t you?)
I was in one of those moods last week when it was too cold to care.

I grabbed my OVO Pom Pom Striped Sweater – my go-to for when I want style and comfort.
Made with 1oo% cotton it is so soft, warm and hugs the body perfectly.
It is one of my absolute faves.

Very Cozy- Ovo Sweater and Jordans- KarenMichelle

As for the rest of this outfit, that’s a whole other story.
I am petite and my legs are thick.

Finding jeans that fit my thighs and waist is almost impossible;
the jeans always end up fitting perfectly at the leg and are huge at the waist (my problem)
or they fit perfectly at the waist and are SUPER tight at the leg-
the struggle is real.

Luckily Zara understands my needs (and the need of thousands of women)
and is my go-to, especially for bottoms.

Very Cozy-Ovo Sweater and Jordans- KarenMichelle

Another thing on heavy rotation?
These Jordan’s
(p.s totally an aside but I hate that these are labeled as boy shoes…
these are unisex and should be labeled that way)

Back to the shoes- they are SO comfy, versatile and although I have worn them MANY times-
they stay in perfect condition.

What are your dress down go-to’s?




|| Shoes: Jordan Horizon | Jeans: Zara | Sweater: OVO Pom Pom Striped Sweater ||

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