I have a lot of energy but I, like you, suffer from the Monday blues.
And with dreary weather, the fog seems to weigh us down even more.

It’s not easy to always ‘be on’
but I’ve got 5 healthy habits that will beat the Monday (through Friday) blues.

 5 Healthy Habits That will Keep you Motivated

| Write down a to-do list for the week |
This one is major – planning for the week keeps you on track! Writing things down, however small they may be and crossing them off our lists, make us feel accomplished and also gets ish done; and how good do you feel when you’ve had a productive day?

| Exercise at least twice a week |
I love to workout – it’s my form of therapy. If I’m having a bad day I know that exercising will automatically change my mood and give me the endorphins I need. I go from feeling sluggish to wanting to conquer the world and what better feeling is there?
Make yourself a priority and get those endorphins!

| Sleep |
People underestimate the importance of sleep.
I honestly don’t know how some people function off of 5-6 hours of sleep per night-
you’re basically a zombie or an alien lol
In my books, it eventually catches up to you and is the reason you feel as tired as you do.
Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is key and will increase your productivity.

| Get off your phone |
Ok this is a tough one but everyone knows how much better they feel when they actually live in the moment. You start realizing how much screen time you give to your devices and how much you could have accomplished in that time.
You stay motivated by doing things- not by watching others do things and you are able to clear your mind and focus on things that really matter.

| Do something you love |
Do you love to cook? Or paint? Or even sing?
Take the time to do something that feeds your soul.
How much happier are you when you are doing something you love?
We say we don’t “have time”. The problem is that we don’t make time.

 Sundays are the best day to plan your week.
Take an hour and think about what you have coming up.
What are some goals you have? What do you want to try?

Make yourself a priority!
Creating and practicing good habits will help you with your productivity and keep you motivated!

I’m off to workout

Happy Monday!



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