If I could move anywhere for a short while that felt like a stone throw away it would 100% be to Montreal
The city, the architecture, the culture, the food-oh my goodness the food- croissants, pastries, poutine..my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
I could go on and on, but you get the point; the food is incroyable!

Luckily for me I don’t have to move.
Instead, I took a mini road trip to Montreal that left me wanting more.

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

There is so much to share but I thought I would keep it easy!

My Top 5 Faves

| The Drive |

While I am not always the first to jump at the chance of spending more than 5 hours in a car, I was eager to get on road with Buick’s Envision.

Aside from the luxury that is Buick, this crossover comes equipped with some pretty amazing features that are worth mentioning.

First: Apple Car Play.
I was able to sync my phone and have my apps literally at my fingertips!

Second: Adaptive Cruise Control
As anyone who has ever done a long drive knows, cruise control is a must!
What’s better? Adaptive cruise control. The cruise control in the Envision allows you to determine how many car spaces to leave ahead of you before slowing down, ensuring that you will never have a collision. Even while in traffic, you don’t have to take off the cruise control.
The car manages its speed- cool, right?

Third: Lane Departure Warning.
If you ever veer off or change lanes without putting your signal on, the drivers seat will vibrate to alert you! You can never be distracted with the Envision. Aside from being uber comfy, and luxurious, I felt extremely safe.

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

| The Food |

The first thing I wanted for breakfast was coffee and a chocolatine – a.k.a. pain au chocolate or as we know them, chocolate croissants.
For our first breakfast in Montreal, we headed to Olive et Gourmando 
It came recommended and after seeing the line up out the door, I knew we had to try it!

The coffee was delicious and the plain croissants? The best I have ever had!
And being the curious person I am, we headed across the street to check out this marché above. Like all the places on that block, it was packed!

For dinner, we went to Grinder and Cartet for brunch the following morning. I highly recommend these three places for great food, service and atmosphere.

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime! Travel: MTL: Je T'aime! Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

| Biodôme |

This was bae’s idea and I am so happy we went.
I am hesitant to visit aquariums and zoo’s because of my own personal beliefs, but once entering this biodôme, I was pleasantly surprised.
Every space has its temperatures regulated for the animals and the climate ranges from rain-forest like to ice cold which was perfect for the penguins we got to see.

The animals aren’t crammed into small spaces and their habitats are so carefully created – more so than the Toronto Zoo (Sorry…)

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

| The Architecture |

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love the buildings in downtown and Old Montreal. The Romanesque buildings, the cobblestone roads, the archways… it. is. stunning!

I am an old soul and so happy that they have preserved the architecture and style of buildings that make up Old Montreal.

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

| The Culture |

Montreal is the largest French speaking city in North America.
As someone who prides myself in my culture and background, it is so refreshing to see that the French language is celebrated and mandatory for anyone working in Montreal.

There is in fact, a je ne sais quoi in Montreal and I believe it has a lot to do with maintaining a history, a culture and celebrating it.

Travel: MTL: Je T'aime!

To say that I love Montreal would be an understatement; my two and a half days were two days too little. I am already planning my next trip back there!

Who wants to come with!?

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