I swear I could kick myself right now!
The ‘it’ bag of the summer is one I have seen in Portugal a million and one times-
woven basket bags! They are legit everywhere!
You know when you want to buy something because it’s so cute and you just don’t buy it because you’re trying to be responsible? Yah…

The bag of the summer is too cute to pass up a second time.
This is a trend I am loving and a bag that is not only extremely versatile but also super cute & very euro-chic.
Take it to the beach, to a lunch date or even while you’re running errands, these basket bags are the perfect summer accessory.

5 of My Favourite Basket Bags!

This Cult Gaia, Gaia’s Ark bag is a dream- $164

Call  Me The Breeze Banjo Basket Bag- $99

Florabella Wilmington Tote- $155

JCrew Circle Straw Crossbody Bag- $172

JADEtribe Pom Pom Basket – $165

I am in love with this last bag by JADEtribe!


Are you loving these bags? Which are your favourite?
Drop me a comment and let me know!




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