Saying that I love ice cream is an understatement.
If there was a word to describe something stronger than love,
that would be the word I’d use to describe how I feel about the yummiest treat you could ever have.
There are a few lists out there with some good ice cream but these below are the best!
Today I am sharing my top 5!

Top 5 Ice Cream Spots In Toronto

Food: Top 5 Ice Cream Spots In Toronto

| Bar Ape -pronounced ‘Ah-Pay’ |

This spot is just down the street from my moms house and is hands down one of the best spots in the city. For those of you who rarely travel North of Bloor, this trip is the exception.
Always innovating and creating new flavour combos, this place is a must!
Using the fruits of the season (Ontario Blueberry Sorbet- pictured above) Bar Ape serves soft-serve that is both dairy & dairy free! There is nothing fresher or sweeter and this place is always packed!

| Dolce |

For all my Europeans who are frequent visitors of College street you’ll know what I’m talking about. Dolce is a coffee and gelato bar serving over 60 flavours of the most delicious gelato you will ever have. With three different locations, there is no excuse not to visit one.
My favourite? The Bacio. It’s a hazelnut gelato with slivers of chocolate.

| Sicilian Ice Cream |

This place is so underrated and they honestly have some of the yummiest ice cream.
This family has been making their own ice cream since 1959!
I love it so much that I buy their 2L tubs that are sold at Sobey’s.
Not only do they make ice cream but if you’re looking for something extra, they serve it on freshly made waffles or crepes.

| Greg’s Ice Cream

Two words. Chocolate raspberry.
Greg’s handmade ice cream has been around for over 35 years and it’s no wonder why.
Their ice cream is creamy, smooth and unbelievably good.

| Baskin Robbins |

If you don’t like Baskin Robbins… you don’t know what’s good.
Baskin Robbins is tried and true and has been making ice cream for over 65 years
(so again, if you don’t like them… somethings wrong)
Whenever a craving hits, they are my go-to and with over 33 locations,
I can always satisfy my sweet tooth.

Also, they are the only place that get mint chocolate chip (a.k.a. the best ice cream ever) right.
Not a mint chocolate chip fan? They have 53 other flavours to choose from.


I bet you want ice cream now, right?

What are some of your favourite ice cream spots?
Leave me a comment and let me know!



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