There is a huge misconception that working out with weights = bulking; that misconception is absolutely untrue. I have always included weights in all my exercises and today I’m sharing five of my favourite weighted exercises and why you should incorporate them into your workout regime!

Five of My Favourite Weighted Exercises

Fitness: 5 Favourite Weighted Exercises

| Lunges |

I love to lunge and always include weights when doing this exercise. The point (for me) of exercising is to get stronger, so incorporating weights does exactly that. I start with 10lb weights in each hand and do three sets of 12 reps. Start at a weight that feels comfortable.

| Deadlifts |

This exercise is fantastic for your peach. It wasn’t until I started doing them right (I was doing them wrong) that I started feeling it in my hamstrings and bum. I started this exercise with 40lb’s and have worked my way up to 60lb. The key is to build your foundation, i.e proper form, steady movements, etc; from there you can increase your weights.

| Squats |

If you’re looking to build your legs and booty this is one exercise you have to do with weights.
Again, start with a weight you are comfortable with. Exercising is not a competition and you will see results when you go at your pace and build as you keep getting stronger. You also don’t want to injure yourself so start at the Smith machine and from there try with a barbell and plates.

| Shoulder Press With Plate |

The misconception, like I said before, is that if you workout with weights, you’ll bulk up. Weights actually help you lean out. Want to sculpt your shoulders? Grab a 10lb plate and holding it under your chin (like you are holding a tray on both sides) lift it above your head. Three sets of 10 a few times a week and you will start to notice the definition.

| Single Arm Bent Over Row |

This is another exercise I love, primarily because it works out my latissimus dorsi, a.k.a. my lats (the largest muscle in your back and upper body). Working out your back is just as important as working out any other part of your body; some wold argue that it is even more important to work on your back first as this muscle supports you for your other workouts. For this exercise I use 15-20lb weights and do three sets of 10.


I like to switch up my workouts so that I can target other muscles (and also not get bored).
Have fun with your workouts and include a partner so that you can challenge one another and keep each other accountable!


Happy Friday!



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