Whether you’re on a long or short flight there are some carry-on essentials everyone should pack!
There is nothing worse than being on a flight and realizing you don’t have headphones or worse yet, a snack. I’m headed to Jamaica and wanted to share my must have carry-on essentials for a tropical trip!



| Passport |

The most important thing you need to have. Obvi. I have mine in this COS passport holder in Taupe.

| Light Reads |

For this trip I’m packing my FASHION magazine -one of my favourite mags- and The Hate You Give; I picked it up a while ago and am excited to start reading it.

 | Cellphone |

I have one game on my phone and it keeps me entertained for hours (or as long as I have lives), I’m talking about Candy Crush! Anyone else love this game?
And during flights I also take the opportunity to delete photos and clear out anything that doesn’t need to be on it.

| Headphones |

Some newer planes have in flight entertainment so if you carry your headphones with you you can watch movies, listen to music or plug into your own devices.

| Silk Scarf |

I love having a silk scarf with me or any flight. I use it to cover my face, wrap it around my neck (for long flights when it gets cold) and even to put over a pillow behind my head.

| Hat |

Another item I always pack. Great for covering your face when you want to sleep and having it on your carry on ensures that it doesn’t get crushed in your luggage. Mine is from Mendocino and is one of my go-to’s all year-round.

| Swimwear |

When travelling to the Caribbean I always pack a bikini and a change of clothes a) because I want to go straight to the beach/pool if it’s early enough and b) if for whatever reason your luggage gets misplaced, you have something to change into. I bought this bikini in the Algarve last summer and am obsessed with it.

| Sunglasses |

If you have a morning flight sunglasses are a must. As soon as you jump off the plane you can throw then on. These Dolce and Gabanna sunnies are one of my faves!

| Socks |

For both long and short flights, socks are a must. First, to keep you warm. Second, to protect your feet from any bacteria that may be lingering in the carpeted floors.


| Vaseline |

Ok you might not believe me when I tell you this, but bae put me onto Vaseline for my lips. I might have used it once or twice -and never really loved it- until recently when my lips were so chapped. I have other lip products that I love but when my lips are severely in need of love, Vaseline trumps.

 | Moisturizer |

Again, we all know that the air in a plane is dry AF and sucks the life out of our skin. I’m packing Avene’s Skin Recovery Creme. It’s moisturizing while protecting my skin and keeps my skin hydrated and feeling good.

| Dry Shampoo |

Klorane Dry Shampoo is tried and true and I have yet to find another that compares. I have been using this dry shampoo for yearsssss and love bringing it on flight and freshening up my locks.

| Bronzer | 

Another one of my carry-on essentials is my Hoola bronzer from Benefit. I have legit been using this for over 10 years. It instantly gives my skin life, feels amazing and looks so good on all skin types.

| Brow Pencil |

I got my brows micro-bladed a while ago but I love having them filled in. I never leave the house without Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil and what I love most about this one is how creamy it is and how it stays on!


| Money |

Always carry your money with you. I don’t know that you would pack it, but just in case…

| Jewellery |

Like my money, I always carry my jewellery on me. Clothing is replaceable. Shoes are replaceable. Jewellery -especially the pieces that are gifts and are extremely valuable- I pack in my carry-on because some pieces are irreplaceable.

| Snacks | 

I used to like airplane food and then turned 15. Snacks are a must have carry-on essential and ties you over until you arrive at your destination and prevents you from spending $10 on almonds 😐 Some of my faves include pretzels, protein bars and kale chips. I used to eat junk food like chips and chocolate – loaded with sugar – and always regretted it. Now I pack snacks that fuel my body and are also nutritious.


What are your carry-on essentials?
p.s I apologize in advance for all the vacay photos I’m about to post 😀



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