What if I told you that dairy is actually not good for you?

Trust me when I tell you that I Love dairy (capital L). If I could eat cheese and ice cream every day of my life, I would. But if you read my last post –here– you’ll know that dairy was the cause of really bad acne for most of my teens years. After many facials and dermatologist appointments, I experimented on myself and cut it out cold turkey. After one month my skin cleared up completely! I finally found the solution to my problem and wanted to share a bit more about dairy!

Since I am not a health professional, I reached out to someone who is.
Jennifer Lau is a certified holistic nutritionist and personal trainer who is here to debunk a few dairy myths and answer some questions that I have and give us some info that we may not know.

So lets’s get into it.

As a holistic nutritionist, what are your thoughts on dairy?

I am personally lactose intolerant so am unable to digest dairy without digestive upset. I may sometimes cheat with a slice of pizza or my childhood favourite mint chocolate chip ice cream but often the side effects are a quick reminder of why I need to avoid dairy!

So for those that also have a sensitivity to dairy, need not to worry, there are great ways to ensure strong bones and foods that are available to boost calcium.

As a nutritionist one of the main goals in building a healthy nutrition plan should be to maintain a balanced pH diet (7). This means eating less acidic foods and more alkaline foods. Dairy is on the acidic side and therefore consuming too much dairy can cause negative effects on our cells. Studies have shown that disease only exists when the body’s pH level is below pH level of 7 (acidic).

Do adults need dairy? Why Or why not?

Adults do not require dairy in their diet.

Previously, the Canadian Food Guide was heavily influenced by the Dairy Farmers of Canada whose interests were to ensure significant daily recommended servings of dairy. The Canadian Food Guide has finally updated its recommended servings to include plant based proteins and dairy alternatives.

Wellness Wednesday: Dairy Doesn't Actually Do the Body Good

My mother always tells me that I need milk for strong bones. Is this true or is this a misconception?

Since dairy is actually a very acidic food, when consumed, it leaches calcium from our bones as the body pulls calcium from our bones (the largest source of calcium) to neutralize the acidity. This weakens the bones and creates the complete opposite effect of strengthening the bones.

If you want to build strong bones, incorporate a resistance/strength training program. This is especially important for women as we are more susceptible to developing osteoporosis.

Are there benefits to eliminating or reducing dairy intake?

Dairy is also an inflammatory and mucous forming food. Those with sensitivities to dairy may find it causes not only inflammation in the intestines (bloating and gas), but also causes flare ups in their skin in the form of acne or eczema.

Are there benefits to having small amounts of dairy in your diet?

Other than for pure enjoyment, no! ha ha!

What are some foods that are great sources of calcium that people may not know and should have if they wish to reduce their dairy intake?

Broccoli and kale are high in calcium.

Nuts are also a great source of calcium especially almonds; nut based milks are a great alternative for milk or cream.

Canned fish like tuna or salmon but especially sardines, with the bones in, are an excellent source of calcium. Enjoy on its own or over salads or with crackers!


What works for me now is moderation; I can do small amounts followed by a few litres of water to flush it out.
Have you ever considered cutting dairy out? Has this helped at all?
Leave me a comment and let me know



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