If you don’t know this face, you’ve been sleeping under a rock.
Lyzabeth Lopez is a personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, social media power house -with a following of 2 million (nbd) and is the founder of Hourglass Workout ; a workout designed primarily for women that aims to tone while keeping the hourglass shape.

Lyzabeth is not only extremely successful but what I admire most is her knowledge of the body, the commitment to form and her endless list of certifications. Needless to say, she is a pro and the Hourglass workout is a testament to that.

Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout


Having done gymnastics and trained with many trainers over the past 15 years, I know two things for sure: energy and knowledge are the most important qualities I look for in a trainer.

As someone who naturally has the energy that the energizer bunny would rival, I look for people who can match it or have more. I found that immediately at Hourglass and that’s what got me hooked. If you’ve been to Hourglass, you know what I’m talking about and if you have not, you need to get to their classes.

Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout

Hourglass Downtown

I thought I couldn’t be pushed any harder than I had been and boy, was I wrong!
Enter Matthew Vautour: dancer, trainer, body goals for life, and kick ass trainer. And I mean that literally. At my first class with Matthew I was huffing and puffing within the first 10 minutes!

He had the best music playing, was coaching us all through our circuits and didn’t give anyone a break. He made. us. work! ( you better work hunny )
And let’s be honest, we’re dying in the moment but so grateful afterwards.
That’s what I love about these classes- you have someone to push you and keep you accountable. While you’re training in a group, you have a trainer that checks in to make sure you’re killing it and doing it right.

Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout

And with this beauty right here it was no different.
At my class with Lyzabeth she showed me no mercy and challenged me to push harder.
Her booty blaster workout was just that and I felt the burn immediately. Her circuit was dedicated to exercises that engaged and built the booty. After my warm up and one exercise, my legs were jello!

It’s not just the exercises that matter; Lyzabeth’s intelligence and commitment to form is unparalleled. She made sure every one of us was doing our exercise right and corrected us when we were not. This is so important because the success of your workout is dependent on how you do each exercise. Lyzabeth’s knowledge and love of fitness is why she is one of the most successful trainers in this city and why the Hourglass franchise keeps growing. That plus, she is the absolute sweetest!

Motivation Monday: Getting in Shape with Hourglass Workout

I left each class feeling stronger and excited for the next; I even made a few friends 😀

So what are you waiting for?
Can’t make it to the class downtown? Not to worry. There are hourglass classes all over the city. The trainers will push you, encourage you and teach you so that you get the most out of every class!


Happy Monday! Let’s get it!!!!



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