My life is not always as happy and glorious as it may look on social media (sorry to burst your bubble).
There are days when I feel unmotivated, tired and even feel sad. And you know that when you’re down and out, the last thing you want to do is pretend. At least I don’t.

Instead of entering into a panic about having to post on social media everyday (yes, this pressure does exist) or rushing to finish something that can wait, I’ve been giving myself the time to feel what I’m feeling, to disconnect and leave social media on the back burner. And tbh, it feels ah- mazing.
Life happens. Shit happens and sometimes we need a minute, a day or a few days to disconnect.

“Like a muscle, the brain needs recovery time in order to develop and grow” – SB

While looking busy makes us feel good (again, something social media has conditioned us into believing), feeling better is what I’m concerned with. I give a lot of time and energy to doing what makes me feel good and sometimes that includes disconnecting.

While I’m all for pushing through the hard days, I know my limits and believe taking time to disconnect is not only important, but necessary.

Wellness Wednesday: 3 Reasons Why Disconnecting is Important & Necessary


| Important For Your Mental Health |

Whether you’re drained by social media, your job or this dreadful weather, taking a mental break is very important. We cannot give ourselves to anything when we ourselves may be struggling.

What to do: Be honest and allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling.
If you’re tired, take an afternoon off and sit on the couch; indulge in a show you like.
If you’re mentally drained, do something for yourself that makes you feel good & restores your energy. And if your mind feels like it’s in a fog and you need clarity, speak to someone. I am a huge proponent of addressing your thoughts and emotions because if you pretend or put them off, what inevitably happens is that it festers, builds up and you explode; you don’t want that. Disconnecting is important and necessary because it gives you a moment to be true to yourself and what you need.

| Disconnecting Allows You to Be Present |

When your head is not buried in your phone or a pile of paper work and you take the time to look up, you start noticing things that you would have otherwise missed. Disconnecting and taking the time to reflect gives you an opportunity to be present and to be in touch with what you’re feeling and the things happening around you.

We are always thinking about and planning for our next moves that we lose the present moment.
What to do: Set an intention to give yourself an hour or two every day without distractions. Go for a walk. Read a book. Talk to a friend. You’ll find (at least I do) that you feel happier. You enjoy the moments because you’re giving your energy to what you are present to.

| You Better Your Relationship with Yourself & Others |

This one is very important to me.
In my experience, when you lose someone close to you, you learn to better appreciate the people in your life. How can you love or grow or build memories when your brain is on overdrive & you’re glued to your phone? …You can’t.
What to do: Disconnect in whatever capacity to slow down and spend more quality time with the people you love. When you focus on loving yourself and others, the quality of your life and your relationships change.


Take it from me- a personified energizer bunny that always runs on 100- slowing down is extremely important and necessary. We all lead very busy lives – trust me, I understand, but the quality of your life will change if you take the time to slow down. Cliche as it may be, life is short so remember that slowing down allows you to create habits that help you lead a happier more fulfilled life.


w/ love,




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