Growing up I usually went shopping for clothes with my mom.
My dad wasn’t a big shopper but when we did go, it was a treat; he has great style and usually bought me what I wanted (within reason) because it didn’t happen often.

The one thing I remember vividly though was how he shopped. He picked things up, never looking at the price tag but rather feeling the quality of the material and assessing it that way. Aside from liking how it looked, his decision to buy a piece of clothing was contingent on the quality.

Style: Move With MICHIStyle: Move With MICHIStyle: Move With MICHI

That memory lives with me to do this day and is how I fell in love with MICHI.

At first sight the clothing is visually appealing.
You get closer and you really fall in love.

What got me hooked? The details and the quality.

The only way to adequately explain the quality of these pieces is that they are unlike anything I have ever worn.

Why YOU Need to Move with MICHI

MICHI is a Canadian made company that believes in empowering women. Their female owned factory create clothing that allow you to feel good whether you’re working out or running errands.

 • MICHI uses certified non-toxic materials. This means a safe working environment as well as keeping the environment safe and free from toxic chemicals.

MICHI combines high performance with high fashion (which means everything to me)


If I could wear this outfit all day everyday without getting judged for living in the same clothing, I would! Apart from the fact that this company creates really beautifully designed clothing, the quality is unparalleled and supporting Canadian companies is what allows people like Michelle to keep creating this magic.

Keep scrolling for closer shots of this outfit

Style: Move With MICHIStyle: Move With MICHIStyle: Move With MICHI Style: Move With MICHI Style: Move With MICHIStyle: Move With MICHI

If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed and love how these photos turned out.
A special s/o goes to bae for being my photog and killing it!


If you’re looking to get your hands on some of their pieces, be sure to head to TNT in Yorkville.



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