How many of us do a proper warm-up before a workout?
How many of us work on our mobility?

I always warm up before working out but after a tricep injury I incurred a few months back (after not having properly warmed up), I started reevaluating the quality of my warm ups.

Taking the time to warm-up and work on mobility is extremely important and since I like to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them, I reached out to a pro in the fitness industry to walk me through a few mobility exercises, share their importance and where you can go should you need more help with it!

Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive Life
1. What is your background and what do you specialize in?

My background is in high performance training. I played professional hockey and trained at a high level up until my late 20’s. As I transitioned out of sport, I continued to live, train, and coach based on my cumulative learnings as an athlete.  

Over the last 6 years while building Strive Life Athletics, I’ve focused on specializing in movement, functional training methods and have taken a special interest in mobility, joint health and basically anything that aligns training with longevity in mind.  

2. Why is mobility important?

It is valuable and super important for both the maintenance of healthy optimal joint health and prevention from any break down or injury that may occur as a result of a number of factors.  I feel that it is the best investment you can make now for your future self. It can apply to any aspect of life; from being able to pick up your kid to swinging a golf club and everything in between. But it is something that doesn’t come easy and needs a specific level of attention in order to make positive contributions.  

Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeWorking through some valuable over head range of motion with resistanceWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeStrive Active Mobility moving through a forward lunge with overhead reach to lengthen and open the body. Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeFocusing on a side lunge instructed by Ryan, working on finding strength and stability in end range.

3. What are some misconceptions about warming up?

I think the biggest misconception is how much value it truly holds.

“A proper warm up will not only enhance your workout but will continue to provide value long after the workout is done”  

The other misconception is that it’s too late to start focusing on proper movements, mobility and prioritizing thorough a warm- up. People will often say, “I’m not flexible” or “I can’t move like that”, but anyone can do it and improve on it.

Another one I hear often is people saying they are short on time. They will skip the warm up and get right into whatever it is they are doing. It should be the other way around. Prioritize your warm-up / intentional movement for the day because you will receive the greatest return in the long run with that mindset.  

4. What is the Strive Method and how does it differ from others?

At Strive we spend a lot of time and pay attention to movement education, instruction and demonstration for each and every class. We prioritize thorough a warm-up that is mandatory for each class. This allows for members to have a better understanding of movements, and how it translates into working out and life. The training is set up in a way that is supposed to compliment and enhance your lifestyle.

Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeDownward dog position working on strength, stability and achieving tension throughout the entire body, it’s much harder than it looks when moving with intentionWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive Life

5. What are some stretches you would recommend before a work out?

At Strive we provide a 3 segment warm-up in order to cover all the bases. We start by getting the body temperature up and the blood flowing with some base line movements and pair it with some resistance band shoulder prehab/rehab moves. That leads into some intentional active mobility movements where you are moving through each movement, focusing on both isolation and transition.

The last segment we focus on is global movements: squats, hinges, lunges, working through some plank series for core activation and hip openings. We finish off with stimulating specific movements that will be a part of that days workout.

From a general basis I would focus on movements specific to the type of workout you are doing. If it’s lower body than focus on that. Same goes for upper body and or full body. Daily routine wise I always recommend priming each joint as you trace up the body; ankles, knees, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders and neck.

6. How much time should one spend warming up?

Incorporating 15-20 minutes of warming up or moving each day is a solid base line, or you can have that 15-20 minutes be your warmup for the workout you are prepping for at that time. Either way, making sure that you are covering your bases and being consistent will help with movement. Focusing on mastering the fundamentals will help with maintenance and prevention of future breakdowns or setbacks because no one has time to be feeling poor or being injured.

Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeHip opener, focusing on the hips but also length in the spine, neck aligned and pulling through the crown of the head for full engagement Wellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeWellness Wednesday: Working on Mobility with Strive LifeMoving through a transition in Shin Box with extension lead by Ryan

I had a great time learning about mobility and just how important it is.
If you’re looking for professional help, whether to workout or to work on mobility, be sure to visit Ryan at Strive Life Athletics. Him and his team can teach you the foundations of mobility that you can build upon.

Andddddd if you don’t know, Ryan is now offering a certification course where you can get all the fundamental skills you need to be a great coach! Want to know more? Head to StriveLife to learn more!

Happy Wellness Wednesday!


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