What makes a good gym or studio?

For me, its a few things: a mix of great classes, great energy and positive vibes.

If you’ve been following along on the blog or on social, you’ll know that I love to try different classes and studios. First, because I love trying new things & second, because I like getting outside of my comfort zone and challenging my body. While there are many classes I’ve enjoyed, there are less than 10 that I can say I’ve absolutely loved.

I had heard about Myodetox Performance for quite some time; I told myself I would try their classes one day, even if it meant driving across the city.

Luckily for me, a good cause was all I needed. I was invited by Bootcamps For Change, an initiative whose mission is to empower underprivileged youth experiencing homelessness through fitness and educational workshops; I couldn’t say no.

All it took was that one class and I was in love.

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For

Finally got to interview one of their founders Alvin, who shares more about Myodetox Performance and what they’re all about.

What is Myodetox Performance?

We are a fitness performance centre. We believe that everyone is an athlete. From the weekend warrior, elite racer, active “parent”, to pro basketball player; no matter where you start your fitness journey with us, we always begin with building your “foundation.”  We are all different, not just physically but more importantly the stresses we deal with daily that directly impacts our wellness.  At MP we dive deeply into the world of functional anatomy. This fed our obsession on finding the keys to unlocking our body so it can simply move better.

I started training and opened Myodetox Performance with a mission: to help people realize that everything they need is already within them. I wanted to create a safe sanctuary where people could come together with confidence to push each other, to inspire, to motivate, and share their passion for wellness and community.

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
What is your background and what do you specialize in?

My full-time training journey started 8 years ago. It was a time where I turned to fitness to help me face and conquer some challenges in life.  Our journeys are all different and the path may be harder for some. I found my happiness in sports; I was surrounded by teammates who didn’t judge, were there for me at every game, every up and every down. I was surrounded by the belief that tomorrow would be better – because we had each other and would figure it out together.

My true passion for coaching and training came during my experience as a basketball coach at Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto.  In 2013 I took a leap of faith and reached out to the strength and conditioning team of the Toronto Raptors who surprisingly gave me an opportunity to mentor under John Lee. I then followed up with certifications in Rhode Island from the Poliquin group and the functional guru Mike Boyle in Boston.

Athletic performance is my specialty – unlocking that hidden superpower that’s in all of us.  I found taking the principles of traditional strength training (body building) and marrying it with the functional modality of athletic training done by the pros, produced a system that allowed my clients, be it pros, weekend warriors or business professionals to embark on a journey that gave them the tools and mindset to forever evolve both physically and mentally.
*Certifications: PICP I/II, CFSC, Myodetox Evolution Program, MDX System I/II

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
How long have you been with Myodetox Performance?

I have been with MPC for 6 years. I founded Myodetox Performance in 2013 with the physio guru @Vinnierehab and Myodetox CEO Scott Marcaccio.

What are some of the different classes offered at Myodetox Performance?

• Metabolic Conditioning class [MP]Burn
• Athletic Strength & Conditioning [MP]Fit
• Strength Training [MP]Forte
• Strength Endurance & Performance [MP]Fusion
•Steel Mace
•Human Movement and Kinetic chain development [MP]Flow

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
What makes Myodetox Performance different than other studios?

Fitness exercises and programs haven’t changed in decades. There are minor variations and different names but you can’t change a deadlift.  What makes our program different are the trainers of Myodetox Performance and the infectious culture amongst the members.  It’s easy to hire someone who is “the best” but we’re focused on building a team motivated to join a movement marching towards change and innovation in the fitness world.

We found our system, which begins with discovering structural balance, followed by building unilateral strength, and then introducing functional and natural movement patterns, allowed our clients to experience a new world of motion and performance.  We don’t have many machines in our gym. Life confines us daily by sitting in a car or at our desk, so why should we? We believe in free movement. In moving the only piece of machinery you will ever need – your body  

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
Can anyone do Myodetox Performance classes?

YES OF COURSE.  We all start at different points, but at Myodetox Performance we believe in building the foundation of every member – whether you’re a beginner or pro – and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to take ownership of their fitness journey.

Myodetox Performance: The One Gym I Drive Across The City For
For me,

The difference between Myodetox and other studios is palpable. From the moment I walk in and am greeted by welcoming, smiling faces, to the moments I want to give up and am encouraged by the people in my class to keep going, in every moment, the energy is on 100. These are the moments that keep me going back.

The icing on the cake is the feeling I get when I leave. I never leave feeling disappointed or underwhelmed. Instead, I leave feeling motivated, accomplished and proud. Myodetox Performance invites you and then challenges you in the best possible ways. So, I invite any of you, who’ve never been, to join me or even check out a class by yourself.

You’ll thank me later.


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