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They say the best workout is the one you just finished and that’s true for a number of reasons. You have endorphins (a feel good hormone) running through your body, you completed a workout you probably didn’t really want to do and the best part is it’s done! lol But what about before the workout? What gets you out of bed and excited to move?

While I want to tell you that I’m always in the mood to workout, the truth is, I’m not. Especially in the winter; leaving the house feels like a workout in itself lol but, as always, it’s my mission to help you become your best self so today I’m sharing 5 things you can do to make sure you look forward to, and actually follow through and make that workout happen.


Obvious enough, right? There’s no way you can be excited or look forward to a workout you genuinely don’t like or love. Often, people don’t even know what they like so they avoid moving altogether – no bueno. Do you like to dance? Do you like to box? Do you like to strength train? What makes you feel good? There are so many places in the city where you can pay for drop in classes or even try classes on class pass. Get out there and find what you like; it’ll be so much easier to do once you find a workout you enjoy.


Working out alone can be tough but having someone to workout with can be fun and it also keeps you in check. Having someone to be accountable to ensures that you get your workout done. Let’s be honest, it’s so much easier to cancel on yourself but not so easy to cancel on someone who’s expecting you to show up. If you know you need that push, get a workout buddy or make friends with someone at the gym you go to or the studio where you take classes. It’s so much easier to workout when you have someone to do it with and someone who’s going to motivate you when you’re not feeling it. The fitness community in Toronto is amazing and you will always find someone that welcomes you and can become a friend.

5 Fool Proof Ways To Ensure You Get Your Workout Done - KARENMICHELLLE


Are you a morning or evening person? If you had to wake up an hour or two earlier to get a workout in, could you? I know I could, but I also know that not everyone is a morning person. While I love being up early and getting a head start to my day, you might prefer working out after work. Find a time that works for you. Don’t force yourself to do something you absolutely hate because again, you’re less likely to do it. Workout when it makes sense for you and your life.


If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I schedule everything – read more about it here. Scheduling your workouts and time blocking, ensures that you’ve carved out time for that workout, which also means you can’t say “I don’t have time”.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but the reality is we all have the same 24 hours so it’s not about ‘having time’ it’s about making time which relates back to the previous point- scheduling it when it makes sense. The better you get at scheduling, the easier it’ll become. Promise. Oh, and pay ahead. When you pay ahead for a class or a one-on-one training session, you’re way more likely to go because no one wants to give their money away for no reason, right? I always recommend to schedule your classes/ sessions and pay in advance.

5 Fool Proof Ways To Ensure You Get Your Workout Done - KARENMICHELLLE


There is no better accountability partner than a personal trainer. In addition to helping you with training, your personal trainer keeps you accountable and pushes you a little more than you might push yourself. Hiring a personal trainer takes all that guess work out. All you have to do is show up and give it all you got!

Having someone you know is committed to you, your needs and helping you achieve your goals at a pace that works for you, makes getting that workout done so much easier.

Remember working out isn’t about punishing your body. We workout to celebrate and honour our bodies so that we can live and feel our best.

If you need help getting started, are done with guessing at the gym and need someone who will be your own personal cheerleader, message me and let me help you get started. Remember, the best kind of workout is the one you just did. Let me help you get started and get you stronger!

Email me: info@karenmichellle.com


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