Creating A Space To Workout From Home

March 2020

The first thing I did when covid happened in March of 2020 was move the kitchen table and chairs off to the side. Picture this: me literally pushing the dining table & dining chairs into one corner of the kitchen. It looked awful but I needed space to move at home during our first quarantine. I laid down my yoga mat, grabbed a few weights I had purchased & created my mini workout space. Now let me preface this before continuing.

Like many trainers

I went from full days of training clients in a gym to training clients virtually from home! Something I never thought was possible. The truth is, I had limiting beliefs about working out at home. I told myself “There isn’t enough space. I need heavy weights. I need a squat rack. I can’t get into the right head space. I need a change of environment, etc.” I told myself allll the things, but the truth is, I had the space. I just didn’t have the right mindset. Isn’t it crazy how Covid changed so much of it?

Now here we are. Almost a year later & I’ve been training one-on-one clients, training myself and teaching three virtual classes a week –all from home & am the STRONGEST I’ve ever been!

Creating a Space to Move at Home During Quarantine

Setting up your space.

Creating a space to move at home doesn’t require very much. All you need is space for a yoga mat, some weights and perhaps a corner with a basket to add your weights & bands to. It’s almost impossible to find weights these days so if you don’t have any don’t worry. You can use household items! Cans, water bottles or even laundry detergent! Get creative and use what you have. For me, I knew that having all my equipment in one area would make moving & wanting to move, easier. I know how it works for me but I wanted to know know it worked for others;

I asked the women who take my virtual classes how they set up space at home to move & this is what they said:

“I basically modelled my space after yours and have everything ready to work at any time.” – CB

“I workout in my living room usually so I have to move a coffee table and roll up a carpet but I leave my weights, booty bands and yoga mat on a small shelf in the same room so it’s easy to quickly grab things while working out” – SL

“I workout in my “office” space so I just move aside my chair and roll out my mat. I have my weights and bands here ready so its an easy switch and then can watch whatever class I need on my computer. It’s been a very convenient setup for me!” – SM

“I workout in the basement with all the equipment there and ready to go! Finding a place without any distractions & getting away from the noise of the house + can blast your music as loud as I want! For an hour I have no idea what’s going up upstairs and it’s great!” – LF

“We have all of our equipment in the living room, tucked next to the couch… so it’s super easy to grab everything either for class or another at-home workout.” -ZD

Changing your mindset changes everything

It’s amazing what happens when you change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I will”.

One of my mothers’ most favourite/ most often used sayings is, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we will find a way to make things work! It’s incredible to see women making movement a priority especially during a time where our mental health is being challenged so much more. Moving furniture, laying down their weights, not making excuses and making it work! Remember, creating a space to move at home helps get you into the mindset to move.

I can honestly say

This unexpected change (having to workout out from home) has been a blessing in disguise. I have never felt stronger than I have this past year. So much so that I created my STRONGERATHOME program that requires zero equipment and was created for women who want to move at home and FEEL their BEST! This program is meant for anyone who wants to master bodyweight movements first and add load and tension later. And all you need is a yoga mat!

How are you moving at home? Have you created a space to move? Or do you move furniture?

Leave me a comment and let me know


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