Taking a break from social media

It feels SO DAMN GOOD! Loll 

Taking a break from social media

Like anything in life, too much of anything is not a good thing ..right? 

Taking a break (for me) from social media or anything really, is SO necessary but its often hard to do because we (or at least me and a few people I’ve spoken to about this) feel like if we don’t take a break… we’ll fall behind… 

This break came for me because for the last few weeks I’ve been feeling like I was on the verge of a burnout; specifically with being on IG. I felt like I’ve been dancing to the beat of the IG drum for a long time – especially lately.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last three years, it’s to first, move to the beat of my OWN drum & second, to really listen to when I’m feeling off and mannnnn was I off. 

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee my work and what I’m able to do everyday. Especially what IG has afforded me: new friends, an amazing SWKM community, and brand partnerships that I’ve dreamed of but, like all things, anything in excess is not good and my problem is not knowing when to shut it off…only this time, I listened to that gut feeling and took a step back.

Taking a break from social media

I was listening to a podcast with Jay Shetty and Jenna Kutcher Thursday night titled, “Manifesting Your Ideal Work Life Balance & How to Avoid Burnout” …How appropriate lol and one of the things Jenna said was that she had to learn how to rest without feeling guilty or complacent… and that our culture confuses contentedness with complacency and I honestly felt like I was falling into that… feeling like I was being complacent if I wasn’t producing or feeling like I wasn’t valuable enough if my posts weren’t hitting the numbers I wanted … all of which is of course, untrue and taking a break was necessary to reset that thinking. 

In case you’ve ever felt this way too, I wanted to share 7 reminders that I think are important to share: 

* How your life FEELS is more important than how it looks online 

* You’re allowed to disconnect as often and as long as you need – you will not fall behind.

* Taking time to unplug from social media FEELS REALLY GOOD and is so important for your mental health; it’s something we can ALL benefit from and I HIGHLY recommend every one do it

* Your value isn’t determined by the number of likes or followers you have (please know this) 

* Social media is a tool that allows you to be social – use it in a way that works for YOU 

* When it stops feeling like it’s adding to your life, take a step back and reevaluate its value in your life 

* Your mental health is THE most important thing; if being online compromises your mental health, get off 

This is the first time I’ve intentionally taken time off IG and it felt soooo good.

I needed that space to focus on rest, my clients and just being present. I’m excited to be back on, to continue sharing things I know can help change your life – but I’m going to use IG a little more mindfully with a few more boundaries so that I FEEL my best both on and off of it. 

Social media is a TOOL that can help us in so many ways but can also affect our mental health and it’s my goal with this post, and everything I share to remind you to ALWAYS do what YOU need first -to put your mental and emotional well being first, even if it means disconnecting from social media, taking a break or even taking a vacay lol.

If at the very least, I hope this post will encourage you to also take a social media break and just to see how you feel because I promise, it feel so good! lol

Have you ever taken time off social? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about it.



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